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Since 1990, JUNDA has been creating traditions of door craftsmanship. Today, we offer doors, wall panels, baseboards, and other interior products, as well as a complete service for furnishing residential, office, or specialized spaces. Our clients include real estate developers, architects, designers, and customers creating their dream homes in Lithuania and other countries.

JUNDA specializes in both natural and other wood products for standard and custom door manufacturing. To create a cohesive interior, we also produce other essential interior elements.

Spaces equipped with JUNDA products exude uniqueness, quality, and warmth. We offer our clients refined, time-tested door models and new design products according to their wishes, such as modern classics, or we can even replicate authentic, heritage, or other required interior products.

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Unique Design Solutions

If you are looking for unique design solutions, we can help. Thanks to our high craftsmanship, your individually designed doors will become a highlight of your interior. For individual solutions, we provide clear pricing and discuss your concerns together.

We offer:

  • Wooden interior swing, sliding, and exterior swing doors
  • Interior partitions and elements
  • Baseboards and wall panels
  • Countertops, window sills, and stair steps
  • Various other wood products

Why Choose JUNDA?

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JUNDA prioritizes uncompromising product quality, which is ensured by qualified specialists, modern equipment and technological processes, and only the best materials. Many technological processes are tested in laboratories.

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We provide a two-year quality guarantee for our products. Quality is ensured by reliable production process quality control, high-quality raw materials and components (hinges, locks, handles, glasses, thresholds), and qualified, experienced employees.

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Innovation Leaders

We are innovation leaders, offering unique solutions for unique client projects. Our team continually raises their competence and updates their knowledge by exploring innovations and traveling to exhibitions worldwide

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Our company protects the environment: we use solar-generated electricity, sort waste, and use wood waste for thermal energy production

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Comprehensive Consultation

We provide comprehensive advice and consultation when purchasing our products, from the log to the door key.

JUNDA Door Order Stages:

  1. Describe your door needs in the inquiry form.
  2. We will contact you and provide a consultation.
  3. Together, we will create the door design idea.
  4. We will present you with a preliminary price offer.
  5. We will visit you and take measurements.
  6. Prepare the project according to the approved design.
  7. Project and budget approval.
  8. We manufacture your doors.
  9. Deliver and install your doors.

Contact us – we will help you not only during the two-year warranty period but also after it.  


JUNDA is more than doors. It’s reliability, style, comfort, and, most importantly, quality that everyone feels when they open our doors.

Our Mission

To create and manufacture high-quality, unique design products, optimally meeting each customer’s expectations and ensuring employee satisfaction.


JUNDA is a company that clients recognize as being competitive and valued for producing high-quality products both in Lithuania and abroad.


Long-term, loyal employees – most team members have been with the company for over 20 years.

Uncompromising product and service quality – high-quality products that make each team member proud.

Sustainability – maintaining harmony between people, nature, and society, creating mutual relationships.

Work culture – reliability based on respect, reputation, keeping promises, comprehensive well-being, fairness, and value creation.

Ecology – in all our activities, we protect the environment, responsibly sort waste, use solar-generated electricity, and use wood waste for thermal energy production.

Keeping promises – we always do what we promise, expecting the same from business partners and customers.

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