Sliding Doors


Jundos staliu gaminiai, Ltd. is offering Your a wide range of sliding doors, which are particularly useful when it isn'tt possible, or irrational , to install the standard hinged door. High-quality hardware ensures quiet and reliable serving of Your door. Track is being installed on the head of the door, so as to avoid discomfort while walking or cleaning the floors, and maintain aesthetics. You are welcome to choose sliding doors from our standard door models, we are able to produce one of a kind door according to Your individual request as well. You are also able to choose from a wide range of door accessories (for example door handles).


Possible variations of sliding doors:

1. One leaf sliding into the wall


2. Two leaves sliding into the wall

3. One leaf sliding on the wall


4. Two leaves sliding on the wall

5. One leaf sliding on the fixed part

6. Two fixed parts and two sliding leaves