Colour Palette


In order to provide arresting beauty, lasting durability and timeless performance of wooden items high-quality finishing is essential. We are using varniches, mordants, impregnants, patinas etc. for our products varniching provided only by reliable suppliers such as „Sherwin-Williams“, „Herberts“, „Tikkurila“. We promise durable, long-lasting doors in a broad range of materials and finishes.

Door color trends change quiet often, so we offer a wide selection of finishings for every door style. We can stain, mordant, coat our products with a natural matte or glossy lacquer, create a silver, gold, patina or another effect as well.

When choosing the color of Your door we offer choose from our standard color palette, and if you did not find the color you prefer, we are able to offer your desired door color, for example, corresponding to the floor, windows, furniture, walls or any other color. Just give us a pattern of your desired color and employees of the laboratory will select a color best matching the one You wish for.

Materials we use for our product's finishing are certified according to the European Union standards and even applyed for children's toys decoration.

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