Entry doors

We produce two types of exterior doors:

1) Panel construction (smooth) exterior doors are produced from German „Moralt“ board. Frame, casing

 and thershold are produced from solid wood (oak).

2) Frame construction exterior doors are produced from oak. Frame, casing and thershold are also produced

from oak.

  • Panel construction (smooth) exterior doors from German „Moralt“ board.

    „Moralt“ board is warp-resistant, thermal-insulating and burglary-resistant. It stands for highest quality doors with veneer strips with vertically aligned annual rings, laminated and finger-jointed casings in high-quality timber with weatherproof layers. The patented flat steel stabilizer is thermally isolated to prevent thermal bridges. It guarantees optimum stability. Thermal transfer coefficient of door leaf is Uw=0,92 W/m2K, sound insulation Rw=30/37 dB. “Moralt“ manufacturer gives 10-years-warranty against warpage to this product.

    There is a possibility to insert a glass packet into a door leaf.

    Technical details

    1. Framing/timber – finger-jointed and laminated timber framing.

    2. Inner layer consists of:

    a – construction. Quality-proven with long-term experience (sandwich construction of laminated core and environmental compatible hard foam and well surface stability through vertically aligned annual rings)

    b – bonding.

    3-7. Cover board – bonding. AW bonding according to DIN 68705 T2 temperature ressistant up to 1300. 5 layers (noble veneer, longitudinal), 3 layers (crood grained veneer) and full surface bonding with the overall construction.

    8. Flat steel stabilizer. Lock-side patented flat steel stabilizer – thermally separated and sound insulated – to absorb tractive and shearing forces. Flat iron straps are glued and friction-locked with the framework.

Different climate testing:

DIN EN 1121:2000-09 – test climate „c“

DIN EN 1121:2000-09 – test climate „d“

DIN EN 1121:2000-09 – test climate „e“

Tolerance classes – 3 (DIN EN 12219:2000-6)

Burgler-resistance – WK2 (DIN ENV 1627:1999-04)

  • frame construction exterior doors. This type of door leaf consists of 30 mm polyurethane filler, fibreboard from both sides with aliuminium foil and oak wood.

Fibreboard with aluminium foil is needed to prevent inside from humidity. It also guarantees optimum stability.

Joints of panels and door sides are protected by a frame.

There is a possibility to insert a glass packet into a door leaf instead of a panel.

Exterior door finishing: dyes with impregnation and varnich. We use products of „Sherwin-Williams Lietuva“

Furniture fitting. We use three „Easy 3D“ hinges for exterior doors. They can be adjusted in three directions. Two German strips are used in exterior doors.

For exterior door we recommend to use Assa Fix lockset which consists of key lock cylinder and handle.