About Company

Bespoke Timber Doors Manufacturing


Jundos staliu gaminiai, Ltd. successfully operates in the field of woodworking since 1990. The major product of the company is interior doors from oak, ash and black alder. We offer more than 30 models of doors from which every client can choose the one when creating homes of distinction. We produce by individual dimensions according to the customer's desired color, chosen glasses and accessories.

Our products are:

  • interior doors,
  • sliding doors,
  • entry doors,
  • wooden interior partitions,
  • interior elements,
  • plinths,
  • wall decoration elements,
  • table boards,
  • window sills,
  • stair treads,
  • wooden linings,
  • other product from wood.

Most of the attention during production is payed to the quality which is ensured not only by experienced and skilled personnel, but also by a modern wood-processing equipment, well-known and thoroughly tested materials and accurately carried out production processes. Wood waste generated during the manufacturing process is used for generating thermal energy, which is used for heating, wood drying and finishing technology. This reduces the cost of production and reveals the company's concern for ecology.

We provide 2 year warranty for our products.

Currently, most of the production is exported to Russia. The remaining production is sold in Lithuanian, German and Norwegian markets.

The company follows up the market inovations in door manufacturing in order to offer the client exceptional design solutions for every interior of nowadays. Company employees regularly participate in exhibitions in Lithuania, Italy, Moscow, Germany, England and Ukraine.

We provide the maximum service for our clients. Our staff measure door openings in the objects, consults, helps to choose models, finishing, handles, hinges, glasses etc. Also completes, delivers and mounts the product (after installation we clean up the place as well).

The goal of our success - professional staff, modern equipment, perfect raw materials, product quality and, of course, design. All this reflects in the company's motto: „We aren't saying cheaper, we are saying BETTER“.

Mission – development of high quality and distinctive design of the internal doors and other wood products we produce, maximizing customer satisfaction and employees expectations of a job satisfaction.

Vision – become recognized, competitive, valued for the highest quality products and a leading company not only in Lithuania but in foreign markets as well.

Main activity: production of solid wood doors. Other Products: veneered internal doors, wooden interior partitions, external doors, sliding doors, sauna doors, wall decoration items, decorative columns elements; moldings (cornices), rectilinear interior decoration items, plinths, skirting boards, alder decoration sheets, blanks from alder for sauna bunks, stick-on solid wood plates for windowsills, stairs, and interior elements.

 Goals of the Company:

  • enchancement of the assortment of interior doors and other products producet by the company;
  • improving the quality of customer service;
  • seeking for better mutual understanding and cooperation offer the clients products which best meet their requests;
  • strenghtening company's position in foreign markets and further expansion of sales geography;
  • enhancement of work conditions for our staff;
  • involving staff into work and product quality improvement through various means of motivation measures;
  • development of the environmental measures and modern technologies which are being implemented in the company.

The primary goal of the company: maximize the value of the company seeking for constant development and future growth with our customers.